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What is The Invincible Man? Are you looking for an interesting movie to watch? A film that has lots of suspense and scary scenes? Then you are in the right article. This is because The Invisible Man is one such movie. That is why we are going to be talking about it in this article.

If you are the type that loves scary movies that keep your suspense high, then you will find yourself enjoying and loving this movie. This is a science fiction movie that got a lot of fans talking about it. It was so good that it got 92% of 378 reviews being positive. For a movie to get that kind of positive review it tells you something about the movie.

The Invisible Man

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The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is an interesting movie to watch with lots of suspense and intrigue. This is science fiction with some bit of horror and scary scenes. The movie The Invincible Man tells the story of a wealthy and renowned young scientist who takes his own lie and leaves his fortune for his Ex Cecilia. When alive, Cecilia and her Ex-boyfriend’s relationship is not the smooth one. So when he dies, she suspects his death was Hoax and tries all her possible best to prove that he is still haunting him even in death. This movie is directed by Leigh Whannell and stars Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Harriet Dyer, and was released on February 27, 2020.


Cecilia is a young beautiful lady that got herself stuck in a relationship that she wants to get out of. Though her boyfriend Adrian Griffin is a wealthy optics engineer and well to do businessman he was the boss of a violent and controlling relationship between their two. In order to get out of the relationships, she drugged him with diazepam one night and escapes his home. This was possible with the help of her sister Emily.

Having nowhere to go, Cecilia resorted to staying at her childhood friend’s place. Her childhood friend is a detective and goes by the name James Lanier and he also has a teenage daughter Sydney. After some time news reached Cecilia that her boyfriend is dead owing to suicide he committed. He leaves her with his tones of fortune worth $5 million in his will. This will was handled by Adrian’s brother Tom who is a lawyer and was later used by his brother in the torture of his girlfriend. Weeks later Cecilia suspects some kind of presence in her dead boyfriend house making claims that he is somewhat alive or his ghost is haunting her. But her friend James tries comforting her that she is just traumatized.

She finds herself with a job interview only to get there and discover that her documents and credentials have been removed from the bag she kept them in. this made her faint and she was rushed to the hospital. And it was confirmed that there was a high level of diazepam in her body the same drug she used in drugging her dead boyfriend. When she got home she finds the same drug container in her bathroom knowing fully that she disposed of the cup at her boyfriend’s house. So how did the cup get there in her apartment? This made her very suspicious that Adrian faked his death just to torment her for escaping.

After so many failed attempts to catch this Invincible Man she was admitted into a mental hospital with claims that she is running mental. There it was discovered that she was pregnant for Adrian. With this pregnancy report, Tom said he could help her dropped her charges if she returns to him. But she refuses. She escaped from prison that night. Will she able uncovered the mystery of her dead husband and know if he is alive or not? That is up to you to find out in the movie.

Release Date

The movie The Invisible Man was released on theaters o February 29, 2020. The Release Date was moved back by two weeks because it was supposed to be released on March 13, 2020. And it was released on March 20, 2020, digitally instead of the usual 90-days run.

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The Trailer for the movie was released on YouTube on February 7, 2020, and it is 2 minutes 43 seconds.  You can watch the official Trailer on YouTube via the link below.


Below is the list of the cast that was used in the movie.

  • Elizabeth Moss as Cecilia Kass.
  • Aldis Hodge as James Lanier Sydney’s father and a San Francisco Detective. He is also a childhood friend of Cecilia.
  • Storm Reid as Sydney Lanier.
  • Harriet Dyer as Emily Kass Cecilia’s sister.
  • Oliver Jackson- Cohen as Adrian Griffin.
  • Michael Dorman as Tom Griffin Adrian’s brother and a lawyer.
  • Benedict Hardie as Marc.
  • Amali Golden as Annie.
  • Sam Smith as Detective Reckley.
  • Nash Edgerton as Security Guard.
  • Anthony Brandon Wong as Accident Victim.

These are just some of the characters used in the movie. To get the full list visit the link below.

The Crew

Below is a list of people that put the movie together to make it a success. From directors to everyone involved in the making of the movie.

  • Directed by — Leigh Whannell.
  • Produced by — Jason Blum, Kylie du Fresne.
  • Screenplay by — Leigh Whannell.
  • Edited by — Andy Canny.
  • Based on — Characters and concepts created by G Wells for The Invincible Man.
  • Run time — 124 minutes (2 hours and 4 minutes).
  • Language —- is English.
  • Country — United States.
  • Release date — February 28, 2020.
  • Music by — Benjamin Wallfisch.
  • Cinematography — Stefan Duccio.
  • Production Company — Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Goalpost Pictures, and Nervous Tick Productions.
  • Distributed by — Universal Pictures.
  • Budget — $7 million.
  • Box office — $134.3 million.

There are a few names of people who contributed to the making of the movie. To get the full list visit the link below.

Download Link for the Movie

To download the movie for viewing just click on the link below and it will take you directly to the download page.

These links above will help you download the movie without any form of stress. You can also download Mulan 2020 here.




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