Strip Down, Rise Up: Review, Official Trailer, Cast and How to Watch/Download Online

Strip down, rise up is a new feature documentary about women who come together in other to heal through sensual movement, specifically pole dance. This is quite an inspiring documentary for women who feel less about their body, I mean every woman’s body is beautiful and magnificent, but most feel beautiful or low of their body.

Strip Down, Rise Up

However, in this documentary, a group of women that were going through the same trauma finds it hard to get over it with sensual dances which involve pole dancing. strip down, rise up is a great documentary that anyone will be happy to see. It can be streamed on streaming platforms such as Netflix. Read on to learn more about it.

Strip Down, Rise Up Storyline

strip down, rise up documentary talks about women and their bodies. In an effort to reclaim their bodies and lives, a group of women explores the intersections of movement and meaning in a powerful pole dancing program.

These are women that felt less of their bodies like they feel they were not beautiful enough. The movie is provocative, intimate, inspiring, emotional and it feels good.

Release Date

This awesome movie from Academy Award Nominated director Michele Ohayon’s Verité was released on 5 February 2021.

Official Trailer

The movie’s official trailer was released by Netflix as it is a Netflix documentary. Now, before you wish to go ahead and stream it, of course, you would like to check the trailer to know exactly what you want to see. Here’s the trailer link that you can use.


Here is a list of the awesome main casts of the movie;

  • Amy Bond.
  • Jenyne Butterfly.
  • Generally Driver.
  • Megan Gamble.
  • Sheila Kelley.
  • Elizabeth Mihelich.
  • Aliza Nevarez.
  • Evelyn Oshita.
  • Ruby Kelley Schiff.


Directed and Written by

  • Michele Ohayon.


Michele Ohayon.

Music by

  • Lili Haydn.

Cinematography by

  • Sam Ameen.
  • Leah Anova.
  • Denise Brassard.
  • Sandra Chandler.
  • Svetlana Cvetko.
  • Bryan Donnell.
  • Shaughn Hull.
  • Laela Kilbourn.
  • Moira Morel.
  • Martina Radwan.
  • Theo van de Sande.
  • Emily Topper.

Film Editing by

  • Edward Osei Gyimah.

Production Management

  • Marisa Hasper.

Sound Department

  • Graham Barclay.
  • Marcus Clotfelter.
  • Lori Dovi.
  • Ryan Gerle.
  • Jade Howard.
  • Stacy Hruby.
  • Derrek Jones.
  • Fiona McBain.
  • Nick Michaud.
  • Pete Nichols.
  • Theresa Radka.
  • Fred Runner.
  • Ana Saldana.
  • Fernanda Starling.

There are more people behind the making of the movie, however, the above listed are a few of them. They were the people that made the documentary a successful one.

As I mentioned earlier, you can stream strip down, rise up on Netflix.


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