Narco Sub: Review, Trailer, Cast, Official Trailer and How to Watch/Download Online

Need a new action, crime drama to see, then you should check out the narco sub. narco sub is a new drama about a man who will become a criminal just to save his family. We all family is important and we would do anything to make them happy and keep them safe.

Now, what will happen in this drama is unknown until you watch it. It is actually interesting and it got both positive and negative views, however, it is worth adding to your watch list.

Narco Sub

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In this article, I will be sharing more about the film, including its release date, trailer, casts, and others. All you have to do is to read on.

Narco Sub Storyline

The Colombian cartel runs a mission through Mexico to deliver cocaine into the United States while holding two young hostages. Their plan is exposed when a former Navy SEAL helps the DEA and Border Patrol rescue the two girls.

When the cartel leader hears the word of their capture, he plans to kidnap the former Navy man’s family in return for his help with their next shipment.

This time in a submarine. It is up to Bruce Stryker to help the cartel deliver their inventory into the United States in order to get his family back or lose them. The game is a hard one. You can only find out what happens when you watch it.

Release Date

The action drama was released earlier this year. On February 5, 2021.

Official Trailer

Checking the official trailer of a movie before downloading is important, as you get to know what exactly is to be expected. Most people say trailers don’t give you all the details, of course, it doesn’t, however, it gives you the relevant details and actions to be expected in the movie. You can use this link to check out the official trailer of narco sub.


These are the characters in the drama and here are some of the characters;

  • Tom Vera as Bruce Stryker.
  • Tom Sizemore as DEA Head Craig Ford.
  • Lee Majors as Dallas Chapman.
  • Robert LaSardo as Spyder.
  • Jim Jimenez as Javier.
  • Jon Fiore as Pelon.
  • Jen Barbeito as Alessandra.
  • Alexis Arnold as Allison Stryker.
  • Sydney Ruddock as Rebecca Stryker.
  • Johnny Ray Gibbs as DEA Agent John Mooney.
  • Nick W. Nicholson as Attorney General Mark Burns.
  • Derek H. Potts as Richard Bishop.
  • Kolby Listenbee as Jay Brock.
  • Blaine Ochoa as (CIA) Agent Kelly.
  • Brian Watson as DEA trainer.
  • Corey Thompson as Jim Riker.
  • Victor V Gelsomino as Agent Bell.
  • Chloe Klitus as Mia Stanfield.
  • Lisa Alavi as Nurse Madison Hayes.
  • Sara Alavi as Nurse Hailee Johnson.
  • Michael Berry as Mike Houser.
  • Michael Hawash as Mark Burns.
  • Regan K. Thompson as Madison Stanfield.
  • Preslee Tucker as Ana Martell.


Produced by

  • Jen Barbeito.
  • Bo Brinkman.
  • Derek H. Potts.

Directed by

  • Shawn Welling.


  • Duncan Johnson.

Makeup Department

  • Amore Monet.

Second Unit Director or Assistant

  • Jen Barbeito.

Special Effects by

  • Brittany Miles.


  • Matthew F. Davis.
  • Mark Dong.
  • Micheal A Fisher.
  • Victor V Gelsomino.
  • Al Saylor.

Some of the individuals behind the making of the film.

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