Mad Max 2 (1981) Plot, Trailer, Cast, and Free Download Links

If you are looking for a Movie to watch then Mad Max 2 is certainly one to watch. Mad Max 2 Movie is an action-packed interesting Movie to watch. So if you are bored in the house or just need a break from work activities this movie will certainly give you the rest and fun time you need.

The movie is one thing that takes away the stress that we often go through and it gives us some sort of relaxing. The Movie Mad Max 2 is a sequel of the previous one with the same name. it is an Australia post-apocalyptic action film starring some great actors in it. in this article, we are going to give you a brief description of the movie.

Mad Max 2

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Mad Max 2 Movie

The Movie Mad Max 2 tells the story of a group of community settlers in the Post-apocalyptic Australian wasteland where a cynical drifter decides to help a small gasoline rich community to escape a horde of bandits. The Movie Mad Max also called The Road Warrior is a better, faster Movie that its previous one.

Directed by George Miller Mad Max 2 Movie received a wild number of critics. The got lots of positive reviews and holds 93% positive ratings based 45 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and it is regarded as one of the Best Movies of its time (1981).


After the world war and how civilization has collapse and Earth’s oil supplies were almost exhausted, the world has become a place of barbaric activities with lawlessness being the order of the day. Max Rockatansy who is a former policeman now roams around the streets of Apocalyptic Australia. Haunted by the death of his family, he moves around searching for food and petrol in his supercharged v-8 car.

Max drives off a gang biker led by Wez took their petrol and drove off. With only his two companions an Australian Cattle Dog and a shotgun with little ammunition, he overpowered a pilot and took the fuel in his gyrocopter but spared his life after telling him about an oil refinery nearby.

When Max got there, he saw that the compound has been taken into siege by a disfigured Marauder Leader called Lord Humungous and finds biker Wez as a member. After calculating his timing, Max makes his move when a group of settlers attempts to break out of the compound to look for a way to take the fuel tank out of the compound-complex.

While others are still trapped inside, Max offers the Survivors to get them back inside for a tank of petrol. Things go sideways after the man dies and the settlers back out of the deal and are on the verge of killing Max when the Marauders return. Humungous offers safe passage through the territory in exchange for fuel supply.

Max offers a deal for his freedom to Papagallo the leader of the settlers only that he will procure a semi-truck for the settlers to haul their tankers. The only way for them to be guaranteed of his side of his bargain is for them to keep his car until he returns. Max sneaks out that night only for him to encounter the gyrocopter captain again and ask him to help him make the journey to the truck. Will Max and the fellow settlers be successful in their mission? Find out in the movie.

Release Date

The movie Mad Max 2 was released on the 24th of December 1981. It got a lot of views and even gained many positive views during the release period.


The link for the official trailer for Mad Max 2 Movie is below. You can click on it to watch the Trailer. It is a 2 minutes 40 seconds video.


Below is the list of characters that were used in the movie.

  • Mel Gibson as Max.
  • Bruce Spence as Gyro Captain.
  • Mike Preston as Pappagallo.
  • Max Phipps as Toadie the gang Crier.
  • Venom Wells as Wez.
  • Emil Minty as Feral Kid.
  • Kjell Nilsson as Humungus.
  • Virginia Hey as Warrior Woman.
  • William Zappa as Zetta.
  • Arkie Whitney as The Captain Girl.
  • Steven J. Spears as Mechanic.
  • Syd Heylen as Curmudgeon.
  • Moira Claux as Big Rebecca.
  • David Downer as Nathan.

You can click on this link to get the full list of actors and actresses in the Movie Mad Max 2..

The Crew

Here is a list of The Crew responsible for the making of the movie Mad Max 2.

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  • Directed by — George Miller.
  • Produced by — Byron Kennedy.
  • Screenplay by — Terry Hayes, George Miller, and Brian Hannant.
  • Edited by — David Steven, Tim Welburn, and Michael Balson.
  • Music by — Brain May.
  • Cinematography — Dean Semler.
  • Production Company — Kennedy Miller Entertainment.
  • Distributed by — Roadshow Film Distribution and Warner Bros.
  • Release date — December 24, 1981.
  • Run time —- 96 minutes (1 hour 36 minutes).
  • Language — English.
  • Budget — A$4.5 million.
  • Box office — US$36 million.

You can get the full list of the crew via this link.

Download Link

If you are looking for where to download the Movie, click on the link below to go to the direct download page.



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