How to Delete a Group on Facebook

How to Delete a Group on Facebook is easy and but at the same very sophisticated. If you have been wanted to delete a group on Facebook, but not know the guidelines to follow, then this is the article for you. As I will be showing you the steps on how to delete the Facebook group.

How to Delete a Group on Facebook

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You can delete a group on Facebook no matter the device that you’re using. That is because Facebook is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices. Also, you can make use of a computer or device.

How to Delete a Group on Facebook

Deleting a Facebook group is easy but not as easy as deleting an account. And that is why the process is sophisticated as you have to delete members from the group before you can think of deleting the group officially.

The process could be sophisticated, but in this article, we’ll have a look at the steps or guidelines to follow to commence the process of deleting a Facebook group.

How to Delete Facebook Group

Here are the guides to follow to delete a Facebook group;

On Android;

  • Open your Facebook account and tap on the menu to select your group.
  • Then tap on the member’s icon on the group.
  • Tap on the three dots next to each member’s name excluding yours and tap on “Remove Member”.
  • Do so continuously until you’re the only member left in the group and then tap on “Leave Group”.
  • To commence, tap on “Leave and Delete”.


  • Tap on the menu button on your Facebook account and then select Groups.
  • Proceed and tap on the blue sign there and tap on members.
  • Tap on each member’s name on the group, except yours, and then a select member.
  • Tap on the blue sign at the top right side of the group and tap leave group.
  • Tap on “Leave and Delete” to commence the deletion process, once you’re out of the group, it will be deleted.

Computer Help;

  • From the account news feed, click on groups and then select your group.
  • Click on the member’s icon that is located below the name of the group.
  • Click on the three dots next to each member’s name and select Remove Member, click on “Confirm” to remove.
  • Once you have succeeded in removing every member from the group, click on the three next to your name, and select Leave group.
  • To commence, click on Leave Group, and just like that, the group will be deleted.

Follow the instructions above to remove everyone in your group and then finally delete it. You can use the mobile app or website.

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